Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Sallie Wiggins Postcard 1909

 Miss May Mebane Donoho
% Mrs. E. C. Mebane
North - Elm Street
Greensboro  N.C.

Cousin Sallie Wiggins congratulations to - dear little May Mebane Donoho & hopes to _____ & know her.

June 10, '09

1. Sallie Wiggins is Sallie Henry Womack Wiggins (1864-1929), first cousin of the child's grandmother (thus being a first cousin twice removed of May Mebane Donoho.

2. May Mebane Donoho (1909-2002) is the daughter of John Tab Donoho (1860-1937) and Nannie Graves Mebane Donoho (1869-1954).

3. Mrs. E. C. Mebane is Emma Caroline Mebane Mebane (1842-1911), grandmother of the newly born May Mebane Donoho.

It may be that Nannie Graves Mebane Donoho went to be with her mother to deliver her daughter, May Mebane Donoho (who apparently never married and lived to be 92).

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