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Caswell County Reserve Militia: World War I

Caswell County Reserve Militia: World War I

Immediately following are the names of the men who were selected to make up Company 51 of North Carolina Reserve Militia. This roster was furnished by Mr. T. H. Hatchett, First Sergeant. Captain Wilson gave much valuable service training the men of his Company, and was very ably assisted by First Lieutenant, H. S. Turner. There were frequent drills on the Court House Square and on the Academy Campus. The men of the company were filled with the best of morale and, had occasion demanded, would have given a good account of themselves.



1st Lieut: H. S. Turner
2nd Lieut: J. L. Warren
1st Sergeant: T. H. Hatchett
2nd Sergeant: J. M. Williams
3rd Sergeant: A. Y. Miles
1st Corporal: J. W. James
2nd Corporal: A. W. Moorefield
3rd Corporal: S. B. Moore
4th Corporal: Bruce Bradner
5th Corporal: H. M. Yarborough
6th Corporal: W. P. Aldridge
7th Corporal: W. O. Smith
8th Corporal: M. C. Winstead
9th Corporal: R. L. Jones
Chaplain: Rev. C. M. Murchison


Adkins, W. H.
Aldridge, G. R.
Bradner, L. L.
Brandon, H. F.
Brooks, Jessie

Cobb, Felix
Compton, W. L.
Cook, W. P.
Dunneveant, W. L.
Eastwood, George

Eastwood, Willey
Foster, T. T.
Fuqua, S. T.
Fuqua, J. W.
Gatewood, S. B.

Graves, B. S.
Gunn, John O.
Gunn, E. L.
Gwynn, J. P.
Harrelson, P. E.

Harrison, Robert Lea
Hester, Allen
Lindsay, A. C.
Long, John
Love, W. D.

Lunsford, W. T.
Murray, J. A.
Miles, L. A.
Moorefield, J. E.
Neal, Robert Lea

Oliver, J. W.
Oldham, G. W.
Parrott, Robert L.
Reagan, W. E.
Reagan, R. W.

Reagan, J. S.
Riggs, P. D.
Rudd, A. L.
Satterfield, Cabell
Satterfield, I. W.

Satterfield, W. R.
Slaughter, J. G.
Slaughter, T. P.
Sutton, P. F.
Taylor, W. L.

Thaxton, A. S.
Thomas, Arch
Thomas, Joe Y.
Taylor, D.
Walters, J. M.

Williamson, A. K.
Williamson, Geo. O.
Woods, S. G.
Yarbrough, Z. T.

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