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Caswell County Stores

Caswell County Stores

Aldridge Grocery/W&W Grocery (Yanceyville)
Aldridge Store (Anderson)
Quinton Anderson's Store (Anderson)
Allen Store/Garage #1 (Blanch)
Allen Store/Garage #2 (Blanch)

Allen Store/Garage #3 (Blanch)
Allison's/Kill Quick Store
Ashby's Grocery (Leasburg)
Baynes Store (Baynes)
Blackwell's Store

Ashley Briggs Store (Leasburg)
Curtis Briggs Store (Leasburg)
Brincefield's Store (Camp Springs)
Brintle's Store (Pagetown)
Brooks Store (Semora)

Brown's Store (Locust Hill)
Butler's Store (Camp Springs)
James R. Callum's Store (Milton)
Campbell's Store (Semora)
Camp Springs Store (Camp Springs)

Carver's Store
Chandler's Store
Chilton's Store (Stoney Creek)
H. V. Clayton's Store (Ridgeville Road)
Billy Cobb Store (US 158 at Park Springs Road)

S. B. (Buck) Coley's Store
H. T. Connally's Store (Leasburg)
Cook's Store
Corbett Store
Covington's Store (Covington Community, north of Yanceyville)

Dabb's Store (Jericho)
Daniel-Gunn-Watkins Store
Red Daniel's Store
Dixon Store (Leasburg)
Duncan's Store (Pelham)

Everett's Store (Blanch)
Fitch's Store (Anderson)
Jim Fitzgerald's Store (Pelham)
Chesley Firesheet's Store (Estelle)
Florance, Harrelson & Co. (Yanceyville)

Tom Florance's Store (Yanceyville)
Four Points Store (Leasburg)
C. J. Fowlkes Store (Providence)
Gatewood's Store (Park Springs)
Azariah Graves Store (Yanceyville)

Paul Gregory Store (Providence)
Gunn's Store
Hall's Store (Camp Springs)
Hamer General Store (Hamer)
Hamlett's Store (Semora)

James B. Harrelson Store (Allison Road)
Lofton Harrelson Store (US 158 at Bethesda Church Road)
Walter N. Harrelson Store (Yanceyville)
Alvis Harris Store (Stoney Creek)
W. H. Hatchett Store (Allison)

Hinton's Store (Semora)
Luther Hodge's Store (Yanceyville)
George T. Hodges Store (Hodges Dairy Road)
James A. (Jimmy) Hodges Store (US 158 at Hodges Dairy Road)
W. H. Hooper & Son (Yanceyville)

Hudson's Store (Estelle)
Jones Store (Milton; Franklin B. Jones)
Jones and Lamberth Store (Cherry Grove Road)
Jerry Lea's Store (Stoney Creek)
Leasburg Grocery Store (Leasburg)

Little Service Station (Yanceyville)
L. J. Martin/Dixon Store (Leasburg)
McCauley's Store ("Old Tony") (Anderson)
McSherry's Store (Semora)
T. L. Massey Store (Stoney Creek) (see photo above)

W. W. Miles Store (Cherry Grove)
Minor's Store (Cherry Grove)
Moore's Store (Pagetown)
W. R. Morgan's Store (Ridgeville Road)
A. H. Motz (Yanceyville)

J. M. Neal (Yanceyville)
Samuel Pinkney Newman Store (Leasburg)
Oliver's Store
Owen's Store and Tea Room (Semora)
Pagetown Grocery (Pagetown)

Buster Payne's Store (Park's Spring Road)
J. M. Pleasant/W. D. Pleasant Store (Purley)
Poteat's Store (Camp Springs)
Price's Super Market (Yanceyville)
Pryor's Store (Pelham)

Old Quick Store (Quick)
Rascoe's Store (Anderson)
E. V. Rainey Store (Stoney Creek)
Rice's Store (Cherry Grove)
Ridgeville General Store (Ridgeville)

Riggs General Merchandise (Hightowers)
C. B. Roger's Store (Yanceyville)
Row Town Store (Quick)
Saunders Store (Camps Spring)
P. E. Scism Store (Pelham)

Shaw Brothers' Store (Camp Springs)
Simmons Store
Simpson's Store (Anderson)
G. Robert Smith Store (US 158 at Park Springs Road)
Smith's Store (Camp Springs)

Onza Smith Store (Allison Road)*
Roy Somers Store (Milesville)
Paul Stanfield's Store
Stephens Grocery
Swann's Store

Sycamo Store (Near Casville)
Taylor's Store (Blanch/Milton)
Teague Store (Milesville Road)
Terrell Brothers' Store (Yanceyville)
Thomas Store (Milton)

Jule Turner Store (Stoney Creek)
G. W. Walker Store (Stoney Creek)
Walker's Store (Hightowers)
Walker's Store (Pagetown)
Arthur Walker's Store (Stoney Creek)
Walters-Brandon Store (Blanch)
Warren's Store (Prospect Hill)
Daniel Watkins Store (Blanch)
O. B. Watlington's General Store (Yanceyville)
Watlington's Grocery Store (Yanceyville)

Watlington's On the Square (Yanceyville)
Weadon's Store (Blanch)
Webster's Store (Prospect Hill)
West End Store (Yanceyville)
White Eagle Service Station

White Rock Service Station (Prospect Hill) 
Wilkinson's Store (Ridgeville)
Williams and McKinney Store (Pelham)
Nathan Williamson's Store
Willis Pure Oil Service Station (Prospect Hill)

Willis Store (Blanch/Milton)
Wilson's Store (Cherry Grove)
George O. Wilson & Co. (Yanceyville)
Wrenn's Service Station
Charlie Wright Store (Pelham)

James Yancey's Store
Yanceyville Esso Station (Yanceyville)
Yanceyville Stores
Webb Yarbrough's Store (Locust Hill)

*Earlier, there was a larger store at Allison, for which the community was named. It stood near the junction with the Scott King Road.

Thomson's Mercantile and Professional Directory 1851-1852 (North Carolina)

Caswell County, North Carolina

General Dealers in Dry Goods, Groceries, Hardware, &c.

Anderson Quentin, Anderson's store.
Corbet & Warren, Prospect Hill.
Farrish G. J., Blackwell's store.
Graves Lawson & Co., Yanceyville.
Hawks Edward P., Milton.
Jones Yancey & Co.; Yanceyville.
Johnson & Neal, do.
Lea William & Son, Leasburg.
Neal Stephen & Co., Locust Hill.
Palmer & Vernon, Yanceyville.
Smith Geo. A. & Co., Milton.
Thompson Joseph S., Leasburg.
Watkins Samuel & Co., Yanceyville.
Winstead Daniel D., Hightowers.
Williamson & Baynes, Locust Hill.

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