Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Bartlett Yancey High School Band

Bartlett Yancey High School Band
Yanceyville, North Carolina

Shown here is the first high school band at Bartlett Yancey which was organized and conducted by Mr. E. B. Abernethy.

Members of the band left to right, front row, J. C. McLaughlin, Louis Daniel, Earl Daniel, Mike Hatchett, Donald Hodges, Cecil Cooper and Mr. Abernethy. Second row, same order, Claude Hyler, E. B. Jefferies, Joe Yarbrough and Reba Foster (Smith). Third row, Lawrence Thompson, George Clark, Thomas Lea Gwynn, Ben Jones Neal and W. J. Swicegood, deceased. Fourth row, Dan Cooper and S. H. Abell Jr.

While the newspaper article (The Caswell Messenger) was dated July 1968, the accompanying photograph was from the 1940s.

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