Monday, October 13, 2014

Woman With a Horn

Woman With a Horn Not a Myth

One of the greatest living human freaks in the country is to be seen in Caswell County, N. C., which is in Representative W. W. Kitchin's district.

The other day Mr. Kitchin received in his mail a letter from the chairman of the Caswell County commissioners requesting him to go and see some dime store manager and make arrangements for exhibiting the freak, which is a woman with a horn growing from the back of her head.

The horn is six inches long and very hard. It strongly resembles the horn of a goat.

Mr Kitchin saw the woman some time ago in a museum in North Carolina. The member from the Tar Heel State, however, has not yet made up his mind whether or not he will embrace this opportunity and embark in the dime museum business as a side issue.

The woman with a horn is no myth but a living reality.

Source: The Washington Times (Washington, D.C.), 9 June 1906, Page 6.

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