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Caswell County (North Carolina) Revolutionary Soldiers Article

 Revolutionary War Soldiers

 Revolutionary War Soldiers of Caswell County, North Carolina

 The following was transcribed from a newspaper clipping in possession of Miss Hattie Slade of Yanceyville, N. C. The name of the newspaper is not mentioned nor the date it was published:

 "We are indebted to our honored friend and townsman, Captain Ezekiel Slade, for the articles in this issue, one giving the list of soldiers furnished by Caswell County for the Revolutionary War. The other sales of tobacco made on the Danville market in June, 187_. Both articles are . . . er s--t he reader especially the latter for information regarding the prices now for tobacco.

 The following is a list of the officers and soldiers of the Revolutionary War, who subsequently resided in the County of Caswell.

 Colonel James Saunders
 Major Richard Saunders
 Major Thomas Donoho
 Major Charles Dixon
 Major John Reed
 Captain Samuel Johnston
 Doctor Lancelot Johnston
 Doctor David Johnson [possibly Johnston]
 Captain Gabriel Lea
 Colonel Robert Parkes [possibly Parker]
 Colonel Henry Williams
 John Williams
 John McMullen
 Peter Smith
 David Mitchelle
 William Culbertson
 Lewis Corbett
 David Barker
 Jonathan Starkey
 William Sawyers
 William Richmond
 Rev. Richard Martin
 Robert Martin
 Thomas Slade
 William Slade
 Nathaniel Slade
 Jacob Wright
 John Ingram
 Nathaniel Comer
 Jeremiah Samuel
 Archibald Samuel
 George Samuel
 John Davis
 Robert Blackwell
 John Price
 Nathaniel Hart
 Henry Willis
 Joshua Kerney
 John Kimbrough
 John Taylor
 William Mitchell
 Isaac Rainey
 William Parker
 William Berry
 James Turner
 Wynn Dixon
 Francis Smith
 William Ware
 John Ware
 Thomas Wiley
 Thomas Stephens
 William Stephens
 Holoway Page [possibly Pass]
 Robert Browning
 John Graves
 Daniel Gwynn
 Berry Hunt
 James Lea
 Phillip Coleman."

 Recorded herein on this November 16, 1953.

Copied from the files of Register of Deeds, Caswell Co., N. C.; Mr. J. Burch Blaylock; by Mrs. Kay Dixon, member of William Gaston Chapter DAR. Gastonia, N. C. Oct. 1955 ••••

 If the tobacco sale year shown above (187_) is correct, the Ezekiel Slade to whom reference is made most likely is Ezekiel B. Slade (1838-1914). Miss Hattie Slade probably is his daughter, Harriet Slade (1878-1971). Ezekiel Slade is a nephew of Abisha Slade (1799-1869), who is associated with the discovery of the bright-leaf tobacco curing process. This list of Revolutinary Soldiers came from the memory of Ezekiel Slade at the time the newspaper article was written (date unknown). The list is shown substantially as reported in the newspaper article described. No assurance of accuracy or completeness is given or should be assumed.

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