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James Wright and Martha Williamson Wright Family

James Wright, of Isle of Wight, Va., married Martha Williamson, June 22, 1809.
Martha Williamson, b. June 22nd, 1790, is the daughter of James Williamson and Ann Edmund Edwards. Martha Williamson is the sister of George "Royal George" Williamson.

Children of James and Martha Wright:
(A)Martha, (B) Anne Blount, (C) Weldon Edwards, (D) Sarah Eliza

A. Martha (born 1819, died 12/18/01), married 6/30/1841, Dr. James Addison Price of Pelham, N. C. Moved to High Shoals, Ga.


a. Mary Emma, born 4/20/42, died 6/1/55, never married.
b. Sarah Eugenia, born 11/4/43, died 10/21/67.
c. Weldon Wright, born 8/18/98.
e. Endora W., born 6/3/49.
f. Anna Corinna, born 4/3/57, died 11/10/57
g. Carmilia Isabella, born 5/20/52, died 9/15/53.
h. Wm. Pinckney, born 3/10/54, died 12/1/27.
i. Mattie Ella,. born 12/21, died 6/18/088
j. James Daniel, born 7/14/60, died 9/25/25.

b. Sarah Eugenia, married Jas. Weldon Lea 11/15/65.

c. Weldon Wright, married 10/31/71 Callie Owenby.
Pattie W. born 1872, married 1890, Octavus Branch - 9 children.
Fred Owenby borne July, 1874, died 4/20/42.
Cora, born Jan., 1882, married Fred Foster. No issue.

d. Susan Tahlulah, married 4/13/69, John W. Hinton - 5 children: (1)-John W., born 1870, carried Clara Boswick - 2 children: Jack and James. (2) Addison, born 1872, died 1873; (3).Mary Lou, born 1874, married White Martin -.3 children: Margaret, Lou, George; (4)0. R. born 1876; (5) Hugh Price, born 1879, married Martina Sanders - 3 children: Frances Lowe, Price, Sanders; (6) Harold.H., born 1884,married Alice Lanier. No issue.

e. Endora W., married J. Weldon Lea 10/16/71, brother-in-law - 2 children: William P. dead, Rosa, born 1882, married. J. Sala - 4 children.

h. William Pinckney married 3/19/74, Sallie Lowe - 2 children: Addison.Lowe, died in infancy, Hugh H., married Julia McWhorter - 1 child: Sarah, married Coke Talmadge.

i. Mattie Ella, married 12/8/80, Kale Lowe - 3 children: (1)41aggie May, married Lea Stillman 3 child­ren: Sarah, Mary, Lea (2)Julia married Dawse Bradwell - 5 children: Katherine, Jule, Martha, Roben, Dawse; (3) Sallie Lowe, married Holmes Shelton. No issue.

j. James Daniel married 12/16/85, Lula Wilson - 4 children (1) Jas. Addison, married Frances Burnett. No issue; (2) Maria never married; (3)William Pinckney, born 7/28/93 lived at Griffin, Ga., married Katherine Nichols.
3 children"' William Pinckney, Jas. Nichols, Lula Virginia; (4) Francis Edwards,born 3/23/97 (lived at Augusta, Ga.,) married Addie Lee Grimes (N. C.) - 1 Childs Francis Edwards, born. 9/22/28.

B. Ann Blount Wright, married Thos. L. Lea
9 children:
(1) Dr. Calvin G., (2) Jas. Weldon, married 1st, Sarah Eugenia Price; 2nd, Endora Wright Price. (3) Rebecca Ann; (4) John G., (5) Thomas L.,.(6) Nathaniel P., (7) Sydney S., (8) William,(9) George Addison.

1. Calvin G., married Eugenia Lea, daughter of Rev. Solomon Lea, first President of Greensboro Female College. Children: Solomon, died young; Marvin, Florence, married Clark; Addie, married Tomlinson; Lucie, married Dunlop.

3. Rebecca Ann, married Capt. Wm. G. Graves, No issue.

4. John G., married, Ist, Nanny Thomas, 2nd, Mildred Powell. Children: John
G., Weldon T., Frank, -Barnett, (married Peatross), Harry, Bruce, Stonley.

5. Thomas L., married Sallie King, daughter of Rev Thomas King and wife, Dorian, an adopted daughter, of his Uncle Sydney Slade Lea. Children: Sydney S., James Thomas, Alice (married Stokes), Susan, Bell, Inza, Walter Clark.

6. Nathaniel F., married Addie Richmond, a grand daughter of Rev. Solomon Lea. Children: Preston, one other son and 4 daughters.

7. Sydney S., married Alice Denney. No issue.

8. William married Molly King, sister of Sallie King, his brother Thomas' wife. Children: Pearl, William and Ruby.
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9. George Addison, married Emma Betts. Children: George A., married Hattwanger; Emma T., married A. A. Booth; Robert Emmeth, died in war of 1917; Daisy, married Dr. Bailey.

C. Weldon Edwards Wright (Dr.) was raised by his grandmother, Ann Edwards Williamson and an old maid Aunt Sara, in Georgia; married Lucy Macon Grim (of the N. C. Macon). Practised medicine in N. C., Georgia, and Arkansas, died at Little Rock, Ark. Children: Dula H., dead; Marianna, dead; Weldon E., dead; Ida M., (Little Rock, Ark.); Mrs. (Sallie), J. T. Brame (Helena, Ark.)

D. Sarah Elizabeth Wright married Geo. Gallatin Lea of Leesburg, N. C. Children: George, William, Weldon B, Robert J. All dead. Robert J., was a Judge in Arkansas,. lived at Little Rock. Wife, Georgia Passmore of Greenville, S. C.

Source: Burch B. Blaylock Misc. Records, Caswell County Courthouse
Compiled by: Latham Mark Phelps--February 2011

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