Friday, October 29, 2010

Edward D. Winstead (1852-1925)

The house in Milton often referred to as the Winstead House was built by John Wilson and is on the north side of Broad Street. It is a two-story gabled brick structure of around 1830. Edward D. Winstead (1852-1925) and wife Annie M. (1861-1945) owned this home for a number of years and later their son, Colin Neblett Winstead (1885-1956) lived in the home. Edward D. Winstead owned a tobacco factory, roller mill, and cotton gin, all in Milton, North Carolina. The large size of the four-story tobacco factory building gave some indication as to the economic robustness of Milton at the time. Sanborn’s 1893 Fire Insurance Map shows this structure and provides: “No Watchman, Heat Steam, Work Rms 1st and 2nd, Storage 3rd and 4th.” By 1908 the building was vacant. Edward D. Winstead is buried in Cedars Cemetery, Milton, North Carolina.

Death Notice. Source: The Washington Post, 19 January 1925.


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