Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Sharing Other People's Facebook Photos

One neat Facebook feature is the ability to tag photographs with the names of people. However, this feature unfortunately also is used to share photographs with people not actually in the image. This results in confusing tags.

When another viewer comes along people will be misidentified -- when that person hovers the cursor over the image the name of a person not in the photo appears. Might I suggest using the "Share" feature instead of tagging with an intended recipient who is not in the photo?

See the box above. Instead of selecting "Tag This Photo," click on "Share." That will open the following box (click on box for larger image):

Now, you are able to post the image to your own wall or by clicking on "Send as a Message instead" you will send the photo to the recipient you select. This shares the photo as desired, but does not clutter the photo with confusing tags. You will find the "Send as a Message instead" choice at the bottom left of the box.

Now, this box appears. Just start typing on the "To:" line the name of a friend. A list of friends will appear. Select the one you want, include a message if desired, and click "Send Message." The photo along with your message will appear in your friend's Facebook Messages. And, the original photo will not be all messed up with irrelevant tags!

Even easier is to click on the bottom of the page that displays a photograph where you see: 

Share this photo with anyone by sending them this public link:

Try it. It works great.


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