Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Matkins Meat Processing (Caswell County, North Carolina)

Matkins Meat, Inc. was founded in 1956 by Leonard Matkins and Associates and his son Jerry has been running the business for the past 40 years. Matkins Meat provides custom processing for as many as 226 farmers throughout the state, including for beef, swine, goat, sheep, buffalo, ostrich and emu. Matkins Meat collaborates with Caswell County to house and operate state-of-the-art labeling, packaging and meat processing equipment provided by funding from the Golden LEAF Foundation. They are anticipating being able to expand their custom value-added meat processing services considerably in the summer of 2010.

Jerry Matkins
9682 Kerr's Chapel Road
Gibsonville, NC 27249
Caswell County

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