Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Rufus Eddie Foster (1897-1969)

World War I veteran whose biographical sketch was published in Caswell County in the World War, 1917-1918: Service Records of Caswell County Men, George A. Anderson, Compiler (1921) at 73-74:

Rufus Eddie Foster, whose Army Serial Number was 3349397, was born in Caswell County, May 1, 1897. His father, John Foster married Miss Lula Poteat. His parental grandfather was Allen Poteat, and we should record in passing, that no braver soldier ever followed Lee and Jackson. The educational qualifications of this young soldier were limited to the Public Schools of Caswell. At the time of his call for service, he was engaged in farm work near Yanceyville, N.C., and in August, 1818, he was sent by his Local Board to Camp Wadsworth S.C. Here he was placed in the Pioneer Infantry of Company 76, and as such, he was trained as a replacement man. He sailed from Newport News on the U.S.S. "Aeolus," on September 15, 1918, and landed at Brest on Sept. 28. Here he was placed in a rifle range for three weeks, and with this preliminary training he was assigned to the 107th Infantry of the 27th Division. We need not record the activities of this young soldier further than to say that he took part in all of the splendid activities which are associated with this historic Division.

The Armistice having put an end to hostilities, he remained in France until February 28 of the following year, and while there he did the usual duties imposed upon the men of the 27th Division. On the date just named, he sailed from Brest, on the "New Amsterdam," a ship named by Dutch sailors, and after an uneventful voyage of nine days, arrived at New York. He was held there at Camp Merritt, in order that he might be with the men of the 27th Division in the famous parade through the Streets of New York, a parade, which is a matter of history, on March 25. Next he was sent to Camp Lee, and at that place he was discharged from service on April 2, 1919. At this writing young Foster has resumed his former occupation of farming.


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