Monday, April 12, 2010

Bartlett Yancey High School Teachers

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Bartlett Yancey High School Teachers (Yanceyville, North Carolina) 1940s


Front row: Unknown Lady, Beulah Cassie Sutton Thompson, Myrtle Lea, Dorothy Dean Yarbrough Zimmerman, Margaret Arnold Yarbrough Upchurch, Elizabeth Thompson.

Second row: Unknown Lady, Maude Faucette, Unknown Lady, Mary Jane Jones, Velma Ruth Humphries Witty, Gladys Marion Osborne Lansdell (apparently between front row and second row, dark dress).

Third row: Sheffield Horace Abell, Unknown Man, Unknown Man, Unknown Man, Julia Mitchell (light dress, dark scarf or blouse), Unknown Lady (light dress, glasses).

While the caption accompanying this great image states that it includes Louise Moore and Norman Upchurch, we are informed by family members that these people are not in the photograph.


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