Friday, March 19, 2010

Elizabeth Nichols Whitlow

Elizabeth Nichols Whitlow is celebrating her 90th birthday. Whitlow was born March 15, 1920 to parents Ruth Caroline (Stephens) and Robert Norwood Whitlow. The eighth child, she had six brothers -- James, John, Martin, Ralph, Carlton, and Stanley --- and she had five sisters---Eudora, Ruth, Evelyn, Marion, and Jeannine. Her childhood years were spent growing up on the family farm in Leasburg where, along with her brothers and sisters, she helped with tobacco and grain crops. Whitlow served in World War II along with four brothers and one sister. As an Army nurse, she spent a good deal of time in Italy. She achieved the rank of Lieutenant. After the War, she located in Indianapolis, Indiana with husband Jim Reith. There she continued for many years in her nursing profession working in the health care field for one of the large corporations in the area. After Jim’s death, she re-located to Orangeburg, S.C. where she eventually remarried. When her second husband, Bill Price, died she decided to move back to Leasburg to be closer to relatives. A very active person, Whitlow remained true to her farm roots, engaging in “urban farming” activities of vegetable and flower gardening. Other past-times she has enjoyed include bird watching and walking. Until very recently, she took a brisk walk every day. She once wrote in a letter when in her 70’s that she had been up on the roof of her house to remove leaves from the gutter. Elizabeth, Happy 90th Birthday from all your relatives and friends!

Source: The Caswell Messenger, 17 March 2010.

For more on the Whitlow family see the Caswell County Family Tree.


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