Monday, September 21, 2009

NAACP in Caswell County

Caswell County, NC -- A call to action against a suspected hate crime brought out hundreds of people in the Caswell County community. On September 5, Sheriff's deputies arrested John Fuqua in connection with the shootings of two children. He is charged with three counts of assault with a deadly weapon and two counts of inflicting serious injury. In addition, the Caswell County Sheriff's Department has listed it as a suspected hate crime. Fuqua is out of jail on a $140,000 bond.

Meanwhile, the children's parents called on the NAACP for help. The state conference president, William Barber, met with the community Sunday night to discuss what action the organization has taken so far. "We've requested a full FBI justice department investigation, and our letter was sent directly to Attorney General Holder's office in Washington D.C.," said Barber to the crowd that showed up Sunday.

Barber also told WFMY News 2's Ashley Smith, "We also have a group of lawyers now that are reviewing the charges and reviewing the bond."

Community members signed petitions and donated money to support the families involved in the shooting. The group raised a total of $4018. Letitia Thompson, a victim's mother, said she was surprised by the showing, "Just the amount of people just showing their love and coming out for somebody else's child. People that are not even kin to us. Just wanted to help and do what's right." Barber said his main goal is to keep this case focused on the children and to ensure a thorough investigation by federal and local authorities. He says his organization and its lawyers plan to meet with the local district attorney in the upcoming week.