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Semora, North Carolina Post Office History

The Heritage of Caswell County, North Carolina, Jeannine D. Whitlow, Editor (1985) at 65 ("Semora Post Office" by Mary McAden Satterfield):

The post office at Semora was established June 25, 1877. The first postmaster was James Morrison McAden. He had served as postmaster at Cunningham Store, N.C. in Person County in 1855 and in 1859. He served the Semora office until his death in 1891. His son, John Henry McAden, was appointed postmaster July 1, 1891 and served until 1913. Mrs. Mary S. Pointer was appointed April 23, 1913, and served until 1917. her son, John L. Pointer, was appointed postmaster February 3, 1917 and served until 1920. Mrs. Ella Y. McAden, wife of John Henry McAden, was apointed postmaster November 16, 1920 and served until her retirement in 1941. Her daughter, Mrs. Caroline M. Winstead, was appointed July 8, 1942 and served until her retirement in 1972. Mrs. Vernell B. Allen was appointed October 1972 and served until her retirement in 1982. Mr. A. I. Andrews of Greensboro was appointed October 1982 and is presently postmaster. Rural carriers have been W. H. Scott, W. S. Taylor, Jr., John F. Pointer, and the present carrier, Joe F. Scott.

Interesting sidelights of this office are: The Semora post office was named for Semora Stella McAden the six-year-old daughter of the first postmaster. When the Post Office Department asked for suggestions for a name for the office, several names were submitted, among them the name "Semora." Another interesting fact: members of the McAden family served as postmaster for a total of ninety-seven years. (Mrs. Vernell B. Allen was the wife of Thomas Scott Allen, a grandson of Semora McAden.) Winfield Scott Taylor, Jr. was rural carrier for forty-five years. He was a son of Semora McAden. john F. Pointer was a rural carrier from 1967 until 1982. He was a son of John L. Pointer, a grandson of Mrs. Mary S. pointer. Although the history of the Semora post office reads like a family affair, such is not the case. Each postmaster was required to take a competitive examination.

Sources: Post Office records, personal knowledge.

----- Mary McAden Satterfield

Semora Postmasters

Name, Date Appointed

James Morrison McAden, 25 June 1877
John Henry McAden, 1 July 1891
Mary S. Pointer, 23 April 1913
John L. Pointer, 5 February 1917
Ella Yarbrough McAden, 16 November 1920

Caroline McAden Winstead, 14 July 1942
Vernell Bass Allen, 1972
Betty I. Mabe, 27 April 1985
John C. Sharpe Sr., 6 June 1987
Marylene S. McCain, 10 December 2005

James Constable (Officer-In-Charge), 30 January 2009