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Will of Joseph Talbert

Will of Joseph Talbert
Will Book "A" Page 56 Proved March Term 1794

I, Joseph Talbert, of the State of South Carolina, County of Edgefield. I lend unto my loving wife, Sarah Talbert, 200 acres of land whereon I now live, also Negro woman, Ader, and her two children all my household furniture and plantation tools.

Executors sell a certain sorrel mare lately purchased from Garrett Freeman and buy a Negro boy to be used by wife.

That 80 pounds sterling money that John McCoy is owing if said McCoy should have it in his power to make a good and lawful title with dower acknowledged to a certain tract of 100 acres lying on Savannah River in Wilkes County opposite my lands now in dispute with Ezekial Harling and Phillip Jones my Executors will release the above McCoy from the note (mentioned ferry). Divided among Children. Eldest daughter, Mary Carson, daughter Elizabeth Miles, granddaughter Permelia Talbert, daughter Nancy Ware, son John Talbert, daughter Sarah Ware, daughter Peggy Ginnins, son Jeremiah Talbert, daughter Phoebe Talbert, Stephen Talbert, Agnes Talbert, Fanny Talbert, and youngest son Ansel Talbert.

Ordain and appoint loving son John Talbert and Henry Key to be executors.

Dec. 29, 1793 Joseph Talbert (Seal)

Allen Robinson
Thomas Jennings
Jeremiah Talbert