Monday, November 03, 2008

1868 Caswell County School Districts Map

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A larger version of this map may be found online at:

Caswell County Photograph Collection

Caswell County Maps

This map is divided into thirty-six rectangular sections. Below is a partial transcription of the information found in the map's sections. They appear from top left to top right, then drop down one row and again are listed left to right (like reading the days on a calendar):


Wolf Island Creek
A. K. Pennix
W. Harrison
W. Patterson
W. Swann
Pelham Depo
H. R________
Pied Mont Railroad


Col. Price's Quarter
W. Price's Mill
Negro Worsham
Shady Grove Church
D. Price
Hogan's Creek
James Patterson
P. Voss


A. _. P. Pennix
A. Y. Stokes Quarter
J. Harrison
Providence Church
Moon's Creek
Hogan's Creek
T. Ware
L. Sargent
Waters Mill
J. Travis
Dan River


Jas Hunt
A. Slade
E. Montgomery
Rattle Snake Creek
J. Chandler
R. Crowder
G. Mebane
Mr[s]. Yarbrough's Mill
C. Cobb
Dr. C. G. Lea
Dan River


W. Harris
C. Powell
W. Powell
A. Stevens
J. Clay
W. Harrison
Milton Township No. 1
Country Line Creek
Dan River
Hunt & Walker's Mill


N. Palmer
J. J. Lawson
Connally's Church
A. Bennett
T. Gordon
T. Brandon


T. Ragsdale
Pelham Township No. 3
Hogan's Creek
C. Strader
E. Withers
C. Howard
W. Cobb
Bethel Church
R. Durham


J. White
G. Sharp
T. Ware
J. Hodges
H. Badget
Hogan's Creek
Moon's Creek
C. B. Luck
Wm. Bartow
J. Henderson


Zian Church
Purley PO
H. Hendersons
H. Henderson
J. Gunn
H. Hooper
Plank Road [Yanceyville-Danville]
J. Everet
E. Slade
T. Slade
J. J. James


Harrison's Church
C. Hendrick
E. Slade
F. Hubbard
T. Slade's Mill
T. Turner
P. Lewis
F. Philips
T. Pinchback
W. Donoho
New Hope Church
Tho Lea
Wm Parker
Rattlesnake Creek
Road: Milton to Purley
Road: To Yanceyville


W. Taylor
T. Red
T. Lea
Donoho's Mill
T. Lea
K. Swann's
T. Pass
C. Casey
P. Carter
R. Yarbrough
W. Herron
G. Williamson, Jr.
J. Moore
Yarbrough's Mill & Forge
Long's Saw & Grist Mill
Country Line Creek
Long's Mill Road
Road that became Stephentown Road or Highway 119


W. Durham
L. MCane's [name very uncertain]
L. Evans
W. MCanes
W. Stewart
T. Brandon
R. Smith
R. J. Smith's Mill
Red House Church
Milton Road


T. Mills
Indi_er-deuce P.O.
W. Lovelace
J & W. G______
Mitchele & Blackwell's Mill
L. Johnston
J. Blackwell
J. Bracken
J. B. Blackwell
W. H______
Blackwell's P.O.
Moon's Creek


Dr. Brackin
T. Blackwell
H. Weatherford
R. Jones
A. Wadlington
W. Holderness
C. C. Holland
J. Henderson
_. White
W. Hatchett
E. Wadlington
Bayne & Caldwell's Mill
North Fork of Moons Creek


W. B. Graves
T. Poteat
J. C. Griffith
L. Page
T. Br_______
T. B. Adkins
Tho. Foster
R. Watlington
E. Roberts
P. Guynn
Prospect Church
Rattlesnake Creek
Plank Road