Friday, February 08, 2008

Bartlett Yancey School First Grade Graduation 1952

(click on program pages for larger image)

Note that the program was back-to-back and folded. Thus the first photograph above shows the last page and the first page. The second photograph shows the two inside pages.

People Mentioned:

Mrs. Zeke Anderson (Sallie Gibbs Pridgen Anderson)
Miss Mattie Blackwood (first grade teacher)
Mary Susan Page
Mary Frances Price
Barbara Jean Thompson
Dallas Wayne Briggs
Mrs. W. D. Pleasant (Ada Walker Pleasant)
Patricia Ann Alderson
Ann Harriet Anderson
Larry Michael Wood
Marvin Eula Hooper
Rebecca Lois Stephens
Wayne Ray Moore
Ralph Elton Shatterly
Edward Howell Wilson
John Henry Belton
Thomas Eugene Benson
James Junius Brooks
Robert Thomas Bumpass
Connie George Clay
Larry Melvin Cook
James Arthur Cook
David Wayne Dalton
Billy Dix
Aubrey Allen Fuquay
David Watson Gillespie
John Anderson Lefler
Donald Lea Loftis
David Stanley McFarling
Barry Curtis Murphy
Phillip Douglas Nelson
William Davis Pleasant, Jr.
Auveille Brady Powell
Harold Eugene Pruitt
Paul Thomas Ribelin
Paul Richard Smith
Wayne Francis Smith
Thomas Henry Solomon
Thomas Ray Spivey
William Long Thompson
James Bartlett Upchurch, Jr.
Reid Douglas Watlington
Larry Michael Wood
Sandra Anita Arnold
Catherine Mae Barts
Virginia Ann Butts
Jo Ann Carter
Jeanette Darrell Barts
Inez Jane Doss
Mary Rachel Everett
Linda Ann Farthing
Annie Lee Hall
Joanne Elaine Lunsford
Patsy Dean Purnell
Barbara Jean Stump
Barbara Jean Thompson
Elisa Irene Tucker
Jo Ann Tuggle
Norma Jean Webster
Sibyl Annette White
Brenda Katherine Wilkins
Judy Frances Willis
Mary Arnold Stephens
Theo Anne Aldridge
Joyce Anne Olive
John Paschall Page
Robert White Wilson, Jr.
Ted Dorsey Bradner
Betty Gay Murphy
Miss Mary Jane Jones (first grade teacher)
Mrs. Henry Gunn (Hallie Mae Wrenn Gunn)
Mrs. Bill Murphy (Frances Katherine Jeffries Murphy)
Mrs. E. D. Stephens (Lois Senter Stephens)
Mrs. J. E. Anderson (same as Mrs. Zeke Anderson above)


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