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Monroe Long Postal Card (1896)

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(click on postal card for larger image)

The above Postal Card was addressed to Mr. Monroe Long (and Mrs. Long), Hycote, Caswell Co, NC. The name of the sender is uncertain, but could be P. G. Newton. The text is believed to be as follows (some punctuation added):

Home June 18

Dear Bro

I saw the boys
at Loch L-- last
night at preaching.
OK & happy they [expect] to return
Sat. I preach
again tomorrow.
Tell Mrs L. they are well. I [expect]
to go to Boston. There
you can send me
something to Roxboro.
Do [rush/push] the/my Ctail
[deer] dog. Love to all.
Yours frat. PG Newton

Given the date of the postal card, 18 June 1896, the addressee Monroe Long could be James Monroe Long (1843-1919), who married Winnie Taylor ( 1868-1940). However, the "boys" to whom reference was made probably were not children of Monroe Long and Winnie Taylor Long, because their oldest was born in 1893.

The address, "Hycote, Caswell Co NC" certainly is consistent with the postal card's being addressed to James Monroe Long (1843-1919), because his property was located on the Hyco/Hycote Creek. Today this is in the Hyco Lake area of Caswell/Person County.

Also, query whether the "Boston" reference is to South Boston, Virginia, which is just north of Roxboro, North Carolina.


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