Thursday, May 31, 2007

1862 Lessie Park Robertson Letter

The following letter from Lessie Park Robertson to her brother Willie Robertson was found in the papers of Mary Kerr Motz (1917-2005):

June 25th 1862

Dear Wiley,

It's with the greatest pleasure imaginable that I seat myself this beautiful morning, to write you a few lines. Rose Belvins hand is very sore. Dr. Roan thinks it will rise, she has not been out in the last day or two. Sallie Belvins keeps well; I believe still goes to see Ben & enjoys herself very well, Rose expecting Miss Fress? Ma is tolerably well, sends
love & c. How do you all get on without Captain Withers? Sorry to hear he was sick.
Went to church yesterday,

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great many people there. Geo Graves was there, he looked very badly indeed, intensely
pale Loss Bosco was present also, had his hand bandaged up. Send you some cherries
the pears are not fully ripe; Want to see you all very much Wish you could come home
To stay all the time All the girls send their Love to you Mrs. Mason Mrs. Reinhart? & Mrs Johnston send love too. Maj. J.A. Graves & Martin? Lenick Norfleet in town got home Saturday.

Enclosed this miserably written scrawl & write
soon to your affectionate

Sister Lessie Park

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