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UNC Dialectic Society (Caswell County Members)

Catalogue of the Members of the Dialectic Society Instituted in the University of North Carolina June 3, 1795, Together With Historical Sketches

The names of active members alone are printed. They are given by years of entrance into the Society. In the great majority of cases this corresponds with the year of entrance into the University. By year of entrance is meant the collegiate, not the calendar year. Thus the year 1877 includes the fall of '77 and the spring of '78.

After each name is given the place of residence at entrance, then the degree taken in the University, or if no degree was conferred, the year of leaving college, together with all honorary degrees. Next are placed the date of birth, the various positions of trust or honor held, profession and present residence. If dead, the last place of residence is given, and the dates of birth and death are placed last. When no State is named, North Carolina is understood, except in such cases as plainly imply what State is meant.

The letter c. (Latin circa) before a date indicates that it is only approximately accurate.

M. C. = Member of Congress.
H. of C. = House of Commons.
H. of R. = House of Representatives.
C. S. A. = Confederate States Army.
U. N. C. = University of North Carolina.
The other abbreviations will be easily understood.

Anderson, Albert Gallatin, Caswell Co.: A. B., 1834. Minister

Badgett, Thomas Jefferson, Caswell Co.: A. B., 1859. Born 1837, died 1860.
Bethell, Pinkney C., Caswell Co.: 1836. Dead.
Bracken, Julius C. S., Caswell Co.: 1834.
Brooks, Iverson L., Caswell Co.: A. B., 1819. Minister.
Brown, Bedford, Caswell Co. Memb. H. of C., 1815, '17 and '23. Speaker Senate, 1829. U. S. Senator, 1829-'41. Memb. Conventions, 1861 and 1865. Born 1795, died 1870.
Brown, James W., Caswell Co. Dead.
Brown, John E., Caswell Co. Dead.
Brown, John L., Caswell Co. Gen. Assem. Dead.
Brown, Livingston, Caswell Co.: 1836. Lawyer. Planter. Gen. Assem.
Brown, William Frederick, Caswell Co.: A. B., 1839.
Byrd, Thompson, Caswell Co.: A. B., 1827; A. M., 1831. Tutor, 1829-'31. Minister. Missionary. Dead.

Carter, Archibald Grayson, Caswell Co.: A. B., 1820. Lawyer. Planter. Mocksville. Born 1801, died 1887.
Carter, Jesse, Caswell Co.: A. B., 1825; M. D., Philadelphia Med. Coll. Mobile, Ala. Dead.
Carter, William Brown, Caswell Co.: A. B., 1834. Lawyer and Planter. Stokes Co. Born 1814, dead
Comer, Nathaniel, Caswell Co.: 1825. Dead
Currie, Shelby Swain, Caswell Co.: A. B., 1840. Physician Son of John and Elizabeth Rainey Currie. Elizabeth is the daughter of 1739John Rainey and Jane Mitchell.

Dodson, Charles Russell, Caswell Co.: A. B., 1835; M. D., Univ. Pa. Born 1814 Milton NC
Donoho, Charles Dixon, Caswell Co.: A. B., 1820; A. M., 1826
Donoho, Saunders. Caswell Co. Dead

Graves, Calvin, Caswell Co. Lawyer. Gen. Assem. Speaker Senate. Memb. Convention, 1835. Born 1804, died 1878.
Graves, George Washington, Caswell Co.: 1832. Physician. Born 1809, died 1876
Graves, Henry Lea, Caswell Co.: A. B., 1835. Minister
Graves, John Lewis, Caswell Co.: A. B., 1814. Physician. Born 1795, died 1870
Graves, John Williams, Caswell Co.: A. B., 1814. Planter. Gen. Assem. Born 1792, died 1846
Graves, John Williams, Caswell Co.: A. B., 1854. Lawyer. Capt. C. S. A. Born 1836, died 1872.
Gunn, William Pinckney, Caswell Co.: A. B., 1834. Dead.

Haralson, Paul A., Caswell Co. Clerk Superior Ct. Died 1850
Hart, David E., Caswell Co. Dead
Hatchett, John, Caswell Co. Dead.

Jeffreys, J. Glenn, Caswell Co.: 1852. Lieut. C. S. A. Killed in service.
Jeffreys, James W., Caswell Co. Manufacturer and Planter. Died 1848

Lea, Calvin. Caswell Co.: 1856. Physician. C. S. A. Died early.
Lea, William McNeill, Caswell Co.: A. B., 1820. Physician. Dead
Long, James M., Caswell Co.: 1861. Born 1843. C. S. A. Planter. Hycotee, Caswell Co.

McAden, John H., Caswell Co.: 1854. Physician. Druggist. Banker. Charlotte
McAdin, Henry, Caswell Co. Physician. Died 1840
Mebane, James
Mills, Julius Caesar, Caswell Co.: 1864. Physician. Blackwell's.
Mitchell, Robert, Caswell Co. Dead.
Montgomery, James Newton, Caswell Co.: A. B., 1848.
Murphey, Archibald Debow, Caswell Co.: A. B., 1799. Prof. Anc. Lang., 1800 State Senator, 1812-'18. Judge Superior Ct., 1818-'20. Judge Supreme Ct., 1820. Reporter Supreme Ct. Born 1777, died 1832

Pinnix, Marshall Henry, Caswell Co.: A. B., 1859; A. M., 1877. Born 1835. Lawyer. Gen. Assem., 1875-'77. Senator, 1881-'83. Lexington.
Price, James A., Caswell Co.: 1839. Physician. Georgia

Simmons, William Silas, Caswell Co.: 1887. Born 1863. Teacher.
Smith, Richard Ivy, Caswell Co A. B. 1820. Dead.

Walker, William Richmond, Caswell Co.: A. B., 1838; A. M., 1858
Walker, James C., Caswell Co.: 1838. Physician. Dead.
Watlington, James Scott, Caswell Co.: A. B., 1858. Planter. Ruffin, Rockingham Co.
Williamson, John Lea, Caswell Co.: A. B., 1843; A. M., 1847. Physician. Manufacturer. Graham.
Williamson, John William, Caswell Co.: A. B., 1858. Surgeon C. S. A. Physician. Reidsville.
Williamson, Thomas Lea, Caswell Co.: A. B., 1852. Danville, Va. Died 1856
Williamson, Walter S., Caswell Co.: 1859. Planter. Buckholtz, Milam Co., Texas.
Williamson, Weldon E., Caswell Co.: 1852. Manufacturer. Asheville.
Wilson, Richard Don, Caswell Co.: A. B., 1842. Lawyer. Teacher. C. S. A. Marion.
Withers, Elijah Benton, Caswell Co.: A. B., 1859. Born 1839. Maj. C. S. A. Memb. N. C. Convention, 1875. Lawyer. Danville, Va.

Withers, William M., Caswell Co.: 1847

Yancey, Algernon Sidney, Caswell Co.: 1833. Lawyer. Died 1840.
Yancey, Bartlett, Caswell Co. Lawyer. Speaker State Senate eleven years. M. C., 1813-'17. b.1785, d. 1828.
Yancey, Rufus Augustus, Caswell Co.: A. B., 1829. Died 1835.
Yancey, Tryon Milton, Caswell Co. A. B., 1814;AM., 1817. Dead.

President of the Dialectic Society being present, in the person of the venerable James Mebane, of Caswell, the President called upon him to address the Society. As affecting and interesting a scene was perhaps never before witnessed in the meetings of this Society. After an elapse of fifty-three years, one of its founders and its first President was again in our midst; the patriarch of many winters had returned to witness the Dedication of this Hall. Trembling with age, but retaining a voice almost unbroken, the venerable father spoke of those with whom, in the earliest infancy of this Society, he had been associated. But they had all, or nearly all, gone down to the grave. He gave much good counsel, sage advice, friendly admonition and kind expression of regard to the youth assembled around him. He concluded by devoutly praying that prosperity and success might ever attend the sittings of this body; that it might last as long as this University; that this University might continue to prepare young men for the active scenes of life as long as we enjoyed the rich blessings of Liberty and the results of good and just government; and that these we might enjoy as long as the sun and the moon should continue to illumine the world.

Source: Catalogue of the Members of the Dialectic Society

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