Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Mary Elizabeth Connally Report Card

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This "report card" was issued to Mary Elizabeth Connally by the Milton Female Academy, which began operation in 1820 in Milton, Caswell County, North Carolina. Mary Elizabeth Connally (1835 - after 1900) was (a) the daughter 0f George Franklin Connally and Mildred Hundley Lewis and (b) the wife of John James Lipscomb.

As Mary Elizabeth Connally was born in 1835, this report card probably was issued in the 1840's - 1850's. She married in 1867.

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The standing of Mary E. Connally, in the Milton Female
Academy, during quarter ending last of September
is as follows,

Spelling & Reading Very respectable.
Geography Good.
Grammer Very respectable.
Arithmetic Very good.
Composition Respectable.

Absent from morning prayers 9 times.
Do recitation 22 do.

Deportment Unexceptionable.

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