Monday, July 31, 2006

William Henry Hicks

William Henry Hicks

The photograph above is of Henry Hicks (left) and Arnold Rogers (right) at the celebration held to honor Henry Hicks on his 100th birthday. Click on the photograph for a larger image. [Photograph courtesy The Caswell Messenger]

The next image is an advertisement that appeared in The Caswell Messenger in the 1970's [also used here with the permission of The Caswell Messenger].

On July 30, 2006, Caswell County celebrated the 100th birthday of William Henry Hicks, born 30 July, 1906, to Sidney Thomas Hicks and Mollie Belle Roberts. The mother of William Henry Hicks, Mollie Belle Roberts, was a daughter of the famouse artist William Anderson Roberts.

In 1939, Henry Hicks married Juanita Catherine Crumpton (1905-1985).

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