Sunday, December 04, 2005

Walter Sanders Photographs

In the fall of 1941 Life Magazine photographer Walter Sanders spent time in Caswell County taking photographs for an upcoming article that used the Yanceyville Card Players as a theme to showcase the village of Yanceyville and surrounding Caswell County. He captured over 200 images.

The article ran in the 8 December 1941 Life Magazine, but the events of 7 December 1941 forced the Life editors to cut the Yanceyville story short.

I am looking for these 200 images. Can you help? The CCHA would very much like to post these images to the website.

I have researched the obvious places, but no luck so far.

Thanks and best regards.


PS The Life Magazine article that was published, although shortened, is excellent. If permission can be obtained it will be reprinted on the CCHA website. General Douglas MacArthur is on the cover.

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