Friday, November 18, 2005

William Anderson Roberts (1837-1899)

The following was posted to the Caswell County Message Board. I have an interest as well because I am writing an article on William Anderson Roberts for the CCHA website. Bill Powell in his History of Caswell County has a couple of paragraphs on this artist and several photographs of portraits done by him.

Rick Frederick

Message Board Post:

Do any paintings survive in Caswell, CO. by this artist? He married 1859 Mary Catherine Watlington. He served in the Civil War. He was the son of Elijah Roberts and Rebecca Davis. Rebecca Davis is the daughter of John B. [Boswell] and Sarah Hill Davis.
A known portrait is of Annie Elizaabeth Yancey, [daughter of Bartlett Yancey] and her husband, Thomas Jefferson Womack circa 1857.

Does anyone know where any of his work can be found?

Paintings by William Anderson Roberts of Caswell County, North Carolina, recorded in his little book, which is housed at the Duke University Library (Durham, North Carolina). Some pages are missing.

First Page

Painted at Elm Grove (Rockingham County, North Carolina)
1. John Lesuenne
2. Nancy Lesuenne -----------both $75
3. Augustine Timberlake
4. Mary Timberlake-----------both $50
5. Rev. Nelson Mebane--------$25
6. Annie Scales---------$20

Painted at Madison, North Carolina
7. Louisa Scales
8. James Scales----------both $60
9. Pinkney Scales--------$30
10. Dupree Watkins--------$40
11. Cornelia Scales-------$30
12. Gen. Thomas-----------$40

Next Page

Painted at Greenwood (Rockingham Conty, North Carolina) (1858)
13. Pinkney Montgomery-------$30
14. Jacob Montgomery--------$30
15. Lizzie Montgomery-------$30

1860 James N. Montgomery $30
Robt. S. Montgomery-$30

Painted at Ingleside (Rockingham County, North Carolina)
16. Robert Scales----------?
17. Yola Scales----------?
55. 4 Portraits of Col. PH Dilliard painted at his house in Henry Co. Va.-------$25 each
59. Mr. DH Ghmcus ------------$30
Mrs. D H Ghmcus----------$33
Mrs. Sally Ghmcus---------$30
63. Mrs. Annie-----------$25
64. Mrs. Sallie------------$25

Next Page

Painted in Madison, North Carolina
Mrs. W. Cartis-------
Thomas A. Scales
Dr. Staples
Mr. James Cardwell & wife

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