Saturday, November 12, 2005

Red House Presbyterian Church

The following is from Mary McAden Satterfield's History of Red House Presbyterian Church:

"Dr. Nehemiah Henry Harding, whose pastorate ran from 1838, until 1840, was a man who was similar in character to Hugh McAden. He was at one time captain of a trading vessel, which shipped out of New Bern. Later he entered the ministry and served at Oxford for a number of years. He became stated supply pastor at Red House for three years and remained at Milton much longer. It was during his pastorate at Milton that he helped organize the Presbyterian Church at Yanceyville. He was pastor at Milton until his death in 1849. He was buried at Milton and a monument was erected for him by the Milton and Yanceyville churches."

I am looking for information on this grave and monument to include on the Caswell County Historical Association website.

Thanks and best regards.

Richmond Stanfield Frederick, Jr.
CCHA Webmaster

See: for an article on the Red House Presbyterian Church. Any information on the history of this church is welcomed.

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