Saturday, November 05, 2005

Authors Needed

The CCHA Website is in need of authors. Take a look at the list of notable people, places, and events at: Is there a subject listed about which you would like to write an article?

Do you have primary source materials (wills, deeds, etc.), secondary source materials, photographs, correspondence, or other materials that would assist the CCHA in creating an article?

Your help is needed. It is the history of your county. If you want the CCHA to succeed and be a credit to Caswell County, get off your hands! The world is looking at the CCHA Website. In only four months of existence the website has had 2800 visits!

How the county looks to the internet community is up to you. The CCHA cannot do it alone.

Best regards.


Richmond Stanfield Frederick, Jr.
CCHA Webmaster

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